Flowers and botanical materials are gathered together across the seasons, I like to reflect the ever changing seasons and colour palettes in my original designs. Once I’ve gathered the botanical  materials for a piece of art I have in mind, it’s back to my workshop where the the blooms, leaves and stems I’ve curated are carefully deconstructed by hand and laid in traditional presses with acid free papers to begin the timeless art of the slow pressing process.

Over the course of the next few weeks I will constantly manually check the materials, change papers, alter humidity, air flow and pressure numerous times to ensure the best pressing results. 

Traditional pressing techniques subtly alter the pigments in blooms, creating softer, gentler shades and tones, which are both beautiful and add a subtle feeling of antiqued nostalgia to pressed flowers. However some of the very paler shades can brown somewhat, and this is where I may spend time colour correcting some blooms.

The final stage of the process is where I get to let my artistic nature flow - the actual making of floral art ! This is where I reconstruct the floral material, petals, sepals, stamens, stems and leaves, to recreate the flowers in their pressed form, and mount them onto a backing medium,  creating a floral design which will last many decades to come. 

Any commissioned pieces are then mounted for collection or postage in approximately 6 -8 weeks. 

My personal art work (non commissions)  are mounted, framed and for general sale online and at various outlets locally.