Hello, and welcome . My name is Ruth, I am a flower grower, florist and pressed flower artist, living and working in the Pennine village of Golcar, in the beautiful wooded Colne Valley, deep in the Yorkshire countryside. Toadflax Flowers and Botanicals is so named because of the abundance of wild common toadflax that grows in and around my cottage garden. My passion is flora and fauna and all things botanical. I create and curate my art, inspired by the beauty and bounty of nature that is all around my home, the surrounding wooded valleys and wild moorlands.
I grow many of my own flowers organically, in my cottage garden, and forage materials locally in a sustainable manner. I am deeply invested in the wild flower meadows and wildlife habitats of my local community and aim to make my art as wildlife friendly and sustainable as possible, this is an ongoing journey and a continuous passion and learning experience for me.