Herbalists, artists, and nature lovers of all ages, we invite you to explore a timeless natural craft that will help you deepen your connection to nature while infusing your home with beautiful pressed flora and fauna. 

Pressing botanicals is both a creative pastime and a scientific pursuit , it encourages you to head outdoors, bask in the day’s unique beauty, and take a closer look at the plants flourishing in your area. After plants are pressed and preserved, they make wonderful study pieces for the curious herbalist or budding floral artist who can observe things like leaf shape and flower structure directly on the plant itself—even in the middle of winter! 

Explore a time-tested herbal craft for all ages by learning how to expertly press and beautifully preserve the plants growing outside your door. In these workshops, you will learn how to press flowers, leaves, and other plant parts to preserve their colour for years to come. We  will discuss the materials you’ll need to get started with flower pressing, types of plant presses,  how to make your own press, and how to use your preserved botanicals to decorate your home and yourself with seasonal beauty.

Autumn /
Winter 2024 workshop dates to be added shortly.